In Distress
Well, this is it. I very much doubt the Republicans will ever be in power ever again at the federal level, and that goes for every state but the deepest red states.

As of this writing, power hasn't officially been handed over to the Chinese via their agent, Joe Biden, but it's scheduled to happen at noon today.

I am not going to watch the downfall of this great country. Instead, I will do what I love best - pl

I find it terrifying that the people that committed massive voter/election fraud are going to get away with it.

That is fucking terrifying. Our voices, are VOTES have been rendered null and void. The US is officially a banana republic.

Another Site Update
I have disabled Disqus and now you'll have to use the default comment form to post comments. My reasoning for doing this is that a conservative blog, American Thinker, was told to disable comments or shut down their site. Now, I don't know if Disqus is to blame, or if their host is to blame - AT hasn't been exactly forthcoming with the details. You can read more about it in the post below:



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